– start betting smart is a new and unique website in the world of sports betting which should give the punters a head start in their race against the bookmakers. Thanks to it, you can find all you need to bet smart in one place – game/match previews with all betting information relevant for a certain event, clear and functional stats/ tables/result for all events, odds and margin comparisons between numerous bookmakers, even ready-made tips and parlay bets from their expert tipsters that can be easily converted into a solid profit.

This is an international version of the website that has been an irreplaceable betting tool for punters from Croatia and its neighboring countries. The success and the acclaim received have motivated the creators of this website to take a shot on the international market.

The satisfaction of our customers is our number one priority, and all punters want the same thing – get the right information that will make their winnings easier. A large number of satisfied customers and the popularity we have in the region will serve as solid foundation for our project’s international version – said Tomislav Djerek, the man behind this project.

A serious and professional attitude is one of the main traits of this project and it is reflected in the fact that it employs over 40 experts specialized in following several competitions. They have a team of IT experts and administrators at their disposal that make sure that everything is working smoothly and that all tools are completely accurate, usable, and up to date.

We have published 80,000 previews in almost two years. You cannot find this amount of sport information anywhere else. Not only do we publish these information, our experts interpret them for you, as they have been following these competitions in detail for a long time. If you put in a lot of time and work, you could find information on whether a certain player will play or not, but evaluating the importance of this player’s absence is a much tougher job. We do that for you – reveals Hrvoje Reljanovic, the editor-in-chief at the website.

Sometimes it isn’t possible to find the information for competitions that do not get a good coverage by the media, but the Betprepare team found a solution for this as well. Their journalists cover this competitions from the spot and are often better informed than the bookmakers, bringing you exclusive information that nobody else can offer. They have travelled the whole Europe in the last two years, covering numerous youth basketball, handball, and volleyball tournaments. The great experience they’ve had so far has justified these travels and one can expect even more of them in the periods to come.

The best description for Betprepare is - a betting tool that will save you a lot of time and stop you from choosing your bets at random and relying on luck. Instead, it allows you to use all the information you need to be one step ahead of the bookmakers. For the subscription cost of only 2,74 euros a day, it is impossible to find so many quality betting information in one place that are not just there for your entertainment but to make a series of high-quality investments.

You have a broker for your stocks, you have a personal trainer in your gym, you have a tutor for your piano lessons, and from now you have Betprepare for your betting. With these guys, betting stops being an expensive hobby and a game of chance, and becomes a profitable investment.